Birbal caught the thief

Birbal Caught The Thief

Here’s Birbal Caught the Thief story through which we know how Birbal used his brain and found out the culprit. let’s see how did he do this.

Once a merchant lived in the kingdom of Akbar.

When he was out for selling he used to leave the merchant behind so that they could take care of the things which he bought from different countries.

One day when he returned from the market he saw that one of his precious things stolen from his house.

He called all the servants who were working in his house.

And asked everyone whosoever has stolen come in front so that I cannot give him punishment.

That didn’t work then the merchant went to Akbar’s court and told them what happened with him.

Akbar sent Birbal with the merchant to find out the culprit.

Birbal went with the merchant to his house where he called all the servants and asked who has stolen the merchant’s item.

Nobody responded and after thinking a while Birbal said something in the man’s ear.

The man who came with Birbal bought some think.

All of them saw the stick but didn’t understand what was happening.

Birbal said that this is not an ordinary stick so who has stolen it, this stick will grow two inches the next morning and gave each stick to all the servants.

The next morning when the servants came with the stick one of the servant’s stick was broken by two inches.

Birbal pointed to that man and said he is the culprit.

Then the servant accepted that he was the culprit.

After knowing the merchant asked the Birbal how did you know with that stick.

Birbal replied the servant who stole your thing was in fear that the next morning his stick will grow two inches so at night he broke the stick by two inches.

This is how the thief was caught.


The Truth might hide for sometime but cannot overcome.


We see in life how people do the wrong thing and think that they will never be caught but they don’t know that truth is real and wrong things are fake.

The wrong exists for a while but truth exists over decades.

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