the king and beggar story which contains inspiration and conclusion

King and beggar story

Let’s read the story of the king and the beggar in which we see how the king became a beggar and how he found the next king of his kingdom.

There was a king who ruled over a great empire but unfortunately did not have a son to sit on the throne.

So he has decided to proclaim his kingdom, anyone who wants to be king can negotiate with the king.

Only qualifications for young people are that it will be necessary for a person to be fair to his people.

Far away the young boy heard about the announcement but he was very poor.

But the young boy was very humble and kind.

He decided to go to the king’s palace for an interview.

The young boy has worked very hard and saves money to buy clothes.

The rest will be the cost of his trip and belongings.

After walking for days, he was very close to the king’s palace and suddenly heard the voice of a poor man sitting by the side of the road and begging.

The young boy paused.

Beggar dressed in half-clothes and was asking for clothes and some money.

The boy gave the beggar his new clothes and all the money and thanked him very much.

Though he continued on his journey in his old clothes and reached the king’s palace.

The little boy entered the hall where the king arrived.

As the king entered, the little boy bowed his head down.

After looking up he was surprised and said that you look like the beggar I met.

The king replied that the beggar was me and I was trying to find out who was helping our people and you were passed on.

He then promised the young boy that he would be the next king.


Be kind to everyone because you do not know who will change your life and all your circumstances.


Today we see in life how we are busy making money and we are not waiting for anyone.

We forget to do good to others or to spend time with our loved ones.

We must learn from the Story of king and beggar and apply it to our lives.

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