The Fisherman and The King Story of a big fish

The Fisherman and The King Story

Here’s The Fisherman and The King Story where the king tried to take the reward because of art of speech the fisherman rewarded with more.

Once there was a fisherman who caught a big fish.

He knew that the king would like the fish and decided to gift that fish to the king.

When the fisherman presented that fish to the king he pleased and ordered a large amount of money and gave it to the fisherman.

The fisherman thanked the king and left the court.

When the queen knew about the reward she met the king and asked the reason for the reward.

He said that fish I like the most so gifted him.

Queen said then everybody with the big fish will come and if you will not reward everyone then they will be disappointed.

They will tell bad things at your back so call the fisherman and take back the reward.

The king noted but didn’t take interest in it.

Then the queen said to call him and ask him if the fish was a male or female.

That the king can do and he called the fisherman back to his court.

The fisherman answered, “The fish was not male nor female.”

The king liked the answer from the fisherman and rewarded with gold coins and jewels.

When he was returning with the reward one of the gold coins fell from his hand.

He stopped and picked the gold coin.

The king stopped him and asked why are you concerned about the single gold coin when you have such a big reward.

The fisherman answered I took the gold coin from the ground because one side of the gold coin contains the king’s face so I don’t want my king’s face to be dirty.

After listening to the answer, the king rewarded him with a bag of gold coins.


Speech is an art that you can’t see but what you make others see.


We see in life how people fall into a problem and when the dialog comes some people knew the art of speech so they get freed but who don’t know, get trapped.

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