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Always Think Positive

Here’s Always Think Positive Inspiring story where the painter portrait the king’s painting who lost one eye and one leg in the battle.

Once there lived a great king who fought many battles and won.

But unfortunately, in his last battle, he was badly wounded.

King was saved but he lost one eye and one leg.

The king was very intelligent and king.

Everyone in his kingdom lived a happy and prosperous life.

One day the king was walking through his palace hallway.

There were portraits of all his ancestors.

All his ancestors beautifully painted in the portrait.

When the king look into his ancestor’s painting he thought that one day his children will walk in the same hallway.

And they will remember all his ancestors through the painting.

But the king did not have his portrait painted.

He was not sure how will his portrait will turn out to be because of his disability.

So he invited all the painters from his kingdom.

The king announced that he wants a beautiful painting made for himself, placed in the palace.

Any painter who would carry out should come forward and he will be rewarded.

All the painters were in deep thought because how could a painter make a beautiful portrait of the king who is physically disabled?

They were also fearing that if the king doesn’t like the painting they will hand us.

That’s why no painter came forward.

There was silence in the court but after all a painter came forward and said, “my lord, I will make your painting.”

After a week the painter brought the painting to the king.

The crowd in the court were eager to see the painting of the king who doesn’t have an eye and a leg.

When the painter presented the portrait of the king everyone in the court left stunned.

The painter made the portrait in which the king was sitting on the horse on one leg side holding his bow and aiming the arrow with one eye closed.


Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen.


We see in life how we look to our disabilities inside us and cry.

But if we look at our good qualities and work on them then no negativity will be there.

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