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Plants in Pot says be honest with yourself
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Be Honest with Yourself

Once there was a king who has all the happiness except the child’s happiness. So he decided to adopt a child from his kingdom and make him the future king. Then the king announced in the kingdom to bring all the children of the kingdom so that I can choose the future king. All the […]

Short Story About Trees old man planting tree
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Short Story About Trees

Here’s a Short Story About Trees Inspiring story of an old man who was planting the tree at the age of 81 but couldn’t eat fruits. Once there was a king. One day he called the treasurer and said, “Whenever I say Very Good then give one bag of gold coins.” So the king went […]

Parrot Story In English parrot in a cage
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Parrot Story In English

Here’s a Parrot Story In English where the king didn’t understand why the parrot of same species have different nature? Once a king was riding alone in the forests. He was on his way to hunt. Suddenly he saw a hut and a parrot in the cage. When the parrot saw the man riding a […]

King And His Wishes of a genie urn
King Stories

King And His Wishes

Here’s a King And His Wishes Inspiring story where the young king wishes many things but after he knew to wish right and his kingdom prosper. Once there was a king who inherited the king’s throne after his death. The kingdom was not prosperous so it was hard for the young king to govern. He […]

Story of a King and a puzzle door
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Story of a King

Here’s a story of a king where a king decided to make the youth to sit on his throne so he thought of the puzzle to solve. let’s see Once there was a king who ruled the kingdom. As the days were passing by his age was also increasing. Unfortunately, he didn’t has a son. […]

the king and beggar story which contains inspiration and conclusion
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King and beggar story

Let’s read the story of the king and the beggar in which we see how the king became a beggar and how he found the next king of his kingdom. There was a king who ruled over a great empire but unfortunately did not have a son to sit on the throne. So he has […]