Short Story on King who loves food

Short Story on King

Here’s a Short Story on King where the king who likes to eat so much one day knew the importance of food and what happens let’s see.

Once there was a king who likes to eat too much.

The day starts he wanted breakfast in which he would eat bread-butter, fifteen eggs, royal chicken, fruits, etc.

The king was very greedy at eating so his weight also increases day by day.

After breakfast when he feels hungry then he had some snacks before lunch.

At lunchtime, he eats royal foods because at lunch he eats most of the day.

So the servants come after one other and serve him food.

He put all his wealth into the food and never think of his kingdom.

One day his ministers ran out of money and they don’t have money to have food.

As they presented to the king the king denied listening to his ministers.

As he doesn’t want to share food with anyone.

After the incident when he was eating lunch he was so fat that he flew like a balloon and got attached to the roof.

The servants started running towards him but they missed him and then he got up in the sky breaking the roof of the palace.

He flew to his kingdom where poverty was at its peak.

The king saw from the above that there are houses that need to repair and people begging on the roads.

He felt very bad seeing his kingdom and then the wind blew towards his palace.

With the wind, he came to his palace and suddenly the wind stops he landed at his palace.

Then he came to know how poor his kingdom was and he was spending money on himself.

So he decided to donate money to the needy but first to their ministers.

The king invited all his ministers to his palace and gave bags of gold to his ministers promising never to be greedy again.


God knows every penny where you have spent so no one will be spared at the time of judgment.


We see in life how people have so much money and they spend on additional stuff but forget to help their family members who are in need.

People think that the money they have is their hard-earned money but if they are right then the laborers will be richer than them.

So if you have money it’s by grace of God.

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