the found the Real Truth of Life inside the cave

Real Truth of Life

Here’s a Real Truth of Life Inspiring Story where disciple told master that there is no empty space, in mind and heart the only one is you.

Once there was a master who lived in an ashram.

He called his best disciple and told him about a cave in the forest.

He told him to do sadhana in a small cave.

On the very same day, the disciple went to the cave and started doing his sadhana.

After 2-3 years the master sent one of the disciples who just joined the ashram.

The master told him to go and ask the disciple if there is any space for him to go there and do sadhana.

The new disciple who was a gentleman went inside the cave where the disciple was doing sadhana.

He asked him whether there was any space for guruji to do sadhana.

The disciple simply replied that there was no space in the cave.

The new disciple thought that he was so proud that his master wants to come with him to the cave and he is saying there is no space in spite of having such a big one here.

This cave can easily accommodate ten people in it.

The new disciple went to guruji and told him that his disciple is so arrogant that when there was space and he is telling no space in the cave.

The guruji smiled and called the disciple who was doing sadhana in the cave.

Guruji asked the disciple did you say this?

The disciple said yes master I did said there was no space, you have acquired all the space then from where will I give you space.

Not just in the cave but in my heart, and mind it’s only you.

So there is no empty space left.

This is the reason I had to speak the truth.


God’s love is like an ocean you can see the beginning but not its end.


We see in life how people can’t see the love of god but if they see from their inner eye then they know that god’s love is eternal.

So stop telling lie and doing wrong to others because one day you have to give account to god on the day of judgment.

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