Reality Story a lion and cub

Reality Story

Here’s a Reality Story where the lion who was living with the sheep accept that he was sheep but he realizes that he was a lion.

One day a lioness died by giving birth to a cub.

At that time a herd of sheep was passing by.

The lion cub joined them accidentally.

The sheep also thought him to be part of the herd.

So, the cub was brought up by the sheep.

By living with them he learned to eat grasses like the sheep.

He has no idea that he was a lion.

He never roared like a lion.

With time the cub grew up into a beautiful young lion.

One day the old lion hunts the herd of sheep.

He saw it and couldn’t believe it with his eyes.

The old lion had never seen such a thing.

He saw that a young lion was grazing among the sheep and neither the sheep were afraid of the lion.

The old lion forgot that he was going to catch the sheep.

Then he decided to catch the young lion and find out what was happening.

The old lion attacked the flock of sheep to catch the young lion.

Seeing the old lion all the sheep started running to save their lives.

Young lion also ran away to save his life.

It was difficult to catch the young lion but somehow the old lion got hold of him.

The old lion said to the young lion, why are you escaping me?

The young lion started crying and said to the old lion, “Please leave me, I am a poor sheep.”

The old lion understood the whole matter.

He pulled him towards the lake.

The young lion was resisting but the old lion didn’t allow him.

He pulled him and took him to the lake.

The lake was silent like a mirror.

The old lion forced the young lion to look into the water.

The old lion said, “First look at my face and then look at your face. Look at my body and then look at your body in the water.”

The young lion saw into the lake and was astonished.

For the first time, he saw that he didn’t look like a sheep but like a lion.

Then he understood that he was not a sheep but a lion and then came a great roar.


Accept reality, forget the past, and believe in the future.


We see in life how we turn our faces when someone shows us reality.

If we accept it then we know that we are invincible.

So forget the past, live in present, and believe in the future.

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