Story of Merchant and Blacksmith where blacksmith is making the saw

Story of Merchant and Blacksmith

Here’s a Story of Merchant and Blacksmith where how merchant offered him double money but the blacksmith refuses to do let’s see why?

Once there was a carpenter who worked for a merchant.

One day when he was doing his work his saw broke.

He thought of going to town to purchase the new saw.

But he heard of a blacksmith who lived in a nearby village.

Carpenter thought of approaching him.

When he went the blacksmith was working and the carpenter ordered him to make a saw.

The blacksmith told him to come tomorrow the saw will be ready by tomorrow.

Carpenter told him, “I will give you more money but I want the saw today”

Blacksmith replied, “it’s not about money if I make a saw now in a hurry then it will not be so good and I will also be disappointed by my work”

There was no other option rather then agree on it.

He agreed and told that he will come tomorrow.

The next day when he came he took the saw with him.

After working with that new saw he felt smooth and the cut was also perfect.

Seeing the saw so well furnished he took the saw to the town to his merchant.

The merchant took the saw and he was impressed with the quality and the finishing.

Merchant asked how much it cost the carpenter replied Rs10.

Merchant thought of bringing the saw from the village to the town and sell the saw at a higher rate.

In town, anyone can give a good price for this saw.

Merchant went to the village and asked the blacksmith if y will give you Rs15 for each saw and I will give order in a bulk but the only condition is you have to work only for me.

The blacksmith refuses his condition and said, “I only work for quality and I work for my satisfaction”

Merchant thought that the blacksmith wants more money so he offered each saw Rs20.

Blacksmith replied, “I don’t work for money and I know you will take saw from me and will sell in the town at the higher price and I don’t want the poor people to suffer who need the saw”

After listening to this the merchant told you are a very strange man I am offering you twice the money but you are refusing it.

Merchant understood that the man was so honest and follow his principles.


The power of honesty and principle is that for a little greed the blacksmith has saved himself.


We see in life how people earn more money following their greedy path and exploit the needy people.

That’s the reason why the richer are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.

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