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The Story Of Santa Claus flying high in the sky

The Story Of Santa Claus

Here’s The Story Of Santa Claus where the kind and generous man known as Nicholas who spread happiness by distribution of the present. Once there was a very wealthy old man named Nicholas. He was a kind generous man. Nicholas enjoyed surprising people, especially the children. Nicholas has a special hobby. He would carve out […]

Little Christmas Tree Story outside the house

Little Christmas Tree Story

Here’s a Little Christmas Tree Story where a Christmas tree feels Embarrassed about his height but how he got decorated let’s see. Once there was a small fir tree in the forest. He was sad because everywhere in the forest there were tall fir trees but he was short. One day a rabbit came and […]

Story on Christmas with a Message where gifts were given by Santa

Story on Christmas with a Message

Here’s a Story on Christmas with a Message where a little boy had an idea to gift the two brothers gifts. Let’s see what happens next. A long time ago a day before Christmas, the place was covered with snow. They were moving down the street but they stopped at a certain point and start […]

Short Christmas Story where the Jesus Christ was born

Short Christmas Story

Here’s a Short Christmas Story where an angel was sent on earth named Gabriel to Mary who give birth to Jesus Christ. Long ago a place named Nazareth there lived a woman named Mary. She was a very kind and hard-working woman. She was engaged to marry a man named joseph. Joseph also a very […]