King And His Wishes of a genie urn

King And His Wishes

Here’s a King And His Wishes Inspiring story where the young king wishes many things but after he knew to wish right and his kingdom prosper.

Once there was a king who inherited the king’s throne after his death.

The kingdom was not prosperous so it was hard for the young king to govern.

He met many disciples and the sage but he didn’t come up with any solution.

At last, he visited the wisest man in his kingdom but he failed to find out the solution.

One day the king came across an oracle.

She said, “I was coming to meet you, your highness. Your father gave me a magical item a long time ago, which I had to hand over upon the king’s death.”

Then she took out a pot which was well furnished and was pointed at the end.

She gave it to the king and warned him, “Only a fool plants many seeds and refuses to allow then time passes.”

The king then left and took the urn to the palace.

He sweep the body of the urn and a genie came out. Genie said, “Three wishes. What do you seek?”

The king looked at the palace and wished for a new one.

Instantly, the palace was replaced and a new palace from north to the west.

Then the king looked at his clothes and wished for new clothes.

Genie gave him the finest clothes of silk, embroidered with jewels and threads of gold.

Now the genie asked for the last wish.

The king thought for a while and said, “For my last wish I want three more wishes.”

Genie told the young king, “Your last wish is for more three wishes but remember I will only fulfill three wishes.”

Then the Genie explained, “for the last hundred years the man wishes for more three wishes then he forgets and after years he died. So if you listen to me then complete your three more wishes

The young king realized and wished, “restore the fertility of the land, to remove disease from his subjects, and finally for the wisdom to be a kind and benevolent ruler.”

Genie fulfilled the three wishes and vanished.

With time the kingdom started to prosper and the people lived happily forever.


In life how people get greedy when they have money. If they think of the others at their good times then the man must become prosperous.


We must be good to others and help others if they need.

If you are rich then think of the people who are not rich and provide support for them.

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