Parrot Story In English parrot in a cage

Parrot Story In English

Here’s a Parrot Story In English where the king didn’t understand why the parrot of same species have different nature?

Once a king was riding alone in the forests.

He was on his way to hunt.

Suddenly he saw a hut and a parrot in the cage.

When the parrot saw the man riding a horse, he started shouting, “Run, catch him, snatch his horse and take away his jewels.”

As soon as he heard the parrot, he knew that this is the area of robbers so he runs his horse at full speed.

After listening to the parrot, the robber runs to chase the king.

The robbers chased but the king’s horse ran so fast that they had to give up.

Going ahead the horse stop near a hut where the same parrot was in the cage.

The parrot after seeing the man on the horse said, “Come welcome, the guest has arrived, arrange food and water.”

The king understands that this is a sage or a wise man’s hut.

After listening to the voice of the parrot, the man inside the hut ran and came out.

He saw the king and urged to rest awhile in his hut.

King accepted the hospitality of the sage and went inside the hut.

The king then told what happened with him and asked a question to the sage, “The same breed of parrot but different in nature?”

Even before the sage could say anything, the parrot said, “King we are the child from same parents and he is my brother. At an early age, we got separated as he has been taken by the robbers and I was bought to the sage’s hut. The whole day he listens to the violent words of robbers and I listened to the word of sage, discourse about God.”

Is this the reason as we grew up in a different environment.


Environment matters as you have good friends then your nature will remain good but if you have bad and violent friends then you will become like them.


We see in life, how the environment affects a life, so make good friends and live a good life.

So that your children’s when grew up will also get good peoples in their life.

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