beggar pays patience which is the key to success

Patience is The Key To Success

Here’s a Patience is The Key To Success Inspiring Story where one of the beggar asked the king and the other beggar asked the God.

Once there was a very wealthy king.

He used to visit a temple daily.

So, he often sees two beggars outside the temple.

One of the beggars requests God that you have given so much wealth to the king please give me some.

The other beggar sees the king and prays that this kingdom has given you most so give me some.

One day both the beggars had a talk.

The beggar who prays to God told the other beggar that you must ask God if you want something.

The other beggar replied that I used to pray but God didn’t fulfilled my wish.

So I ask the one whom I saw in front of me.

So, one day the king called his minister and told him that outside the temple there are two beggar’s one of them ask God and I know that God will definitely give him.

On the other hand the other beggar always ask me for help.

So, I want you to take a big bowl keep some gold coins in the bottom, and above it, fill it with rice pudding.

The minister did as he was told to do.

The beggar got the food and he was so happy.

He started teasing and said to the other beggar, you ask God and he didn’t give you anything but see I asked the king and I got food to eat.

As the bowl was so large so his stomach got full.

He ate half the bowl and gave the remaining to the other beggar to eat.

The next day the king visited the temple and saw only a beggar who used to ask the king for help.

The king called him and asked you have not got the bowl of rice pudding?

The beggar said, yes I got the bowl of rice pudding and I ate it was so tasty.

The king asked what happens next.

The beggar said the bowl was so large that I could eat only half the bowl and gave the remaining half to the other beggar.

The king smiled and make the beggar understand that ask God for help as he listened to the other beggar.


God has perfect timing, never early never late. It takes patience and faith but it’s worth the wait.


We see in life how people are blind by the desires of the world and forget God.

So always ask your God even if you run out of salt in your home then also ask your God because he is your God, he is the king of all the kings in the world.

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