never give up story of a painter

Never Give Up Story

Here’s a Never Give Up Story where the painter who was old wants to acquire knowledge but never give up and become the known scholar. Let’s start the story.

Once there was a painter who draws very beautiful paintings.

The painter’s name was Shikaki who was also an artist.

One day he draws a very beautiful painting of inkpot and he wants the king to praise him for his painting.

He was very excited and start thinking about the appreciation of the painting which will be his best moment of life.

The day came when he presented the painting to the king.

The king saw the painting of the inkpot and when he was recognizing one of his ministers came and the king went to welcome him and started talking with him.

Shikaki was upset as the king didn’t praise him and his heart broke.

Thinking that how much work and time were given to draw this painting but nothing happened.

He then decided to make a painting that the king has never seen in his dreams.

He started going to school to read and write with the small children.

In the classroom, Shikaki told to read but he didn’t know to read and write so he was reading which no one could understand.

The children start making fun of him see how old is he and don’t know to read and write.

He felt bad and went out of the classroom and went into the jungle.

In the jungle, he sees a small waterfall where there were small droplets of water falling on the stone.

He goes closer and sees that there was a hole in the stone.

Thinking that my heart is not ready to take up the knowledge and understanding.

Having not able to read and write and it became hard at this age to take up things like education.

He not addicted to studies but he never gives up and started to go back to school for learning.

Though he works hard and continuously acquires knowledge without worry about his age.

Then he became the known scholar of his times.


Never give up whatever the situation is. Nothing is more powerful than our willpower.


We see in life how people give up and then curse their life.

So stop blaming and continuously acquire what you are up to.

Do not think of the world or the people these all are temporary so work on yourself and succeed in life.

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