Man lost in Desert Story hut in desert

Man lost in Desert Story

Here’s a Man lost in Desert Story which will inspire how to trust in god and believe in yourself. How the man is saved let’s see.

Once there a man who lost in the desert.

His flask was empty and he needed water to survive.

Walking for some distance for water he saw a hut which was far but a little hope was there.

The man thought that it would be a mirage but after walking some distance the hut was there.

After reaching the hut the man was so thirsty that if he didn’t get water he would die.

Reaching that wrecked hut he saw a handpump.

Working on the handpump the water was not coming out.

Then he went inside and saw a bottle of water was at the corner of the hut.

When he opened the cap to drink water he noticed that there is a paper on it written to use this water to pour on the handpump so that the water would come out and then fill this bottle again and put the bottle at its place after use.

The thirsty man thought that if he drink the water from that bottle then his thirst will vanish.

On the other, he was thinking that if he pour the water into the handpump then what is the guarantee that the pump will work and the water not get wasted.

After closing his eyes he started thinking. Then he started praying because he has to make a decision.

He took the decision and pour the water into the handpump.

Within a minute a sound came and the water started flowing from the handpump.

He was so happy, he drink a lot of water, full his flask and then he fill the bottle with water and put it where it was.

As he went inside he saw on the other side a pen and a map.

Due to this, he make out where he was and where he has to go.

Leaving the hut, he wrote on the same paper after the instructions “Believe me it works”.


How to believe in god not blindly but intelligently.


We see in life we decide based on the current situation but we forget that it may harm in future.

So tell me if man drinks that water which only left then what might happen comment below with your love Man lost in Desert Story.

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