Bamboo Tree Story

Bamboo Tree Story

Here’s a Bamboo Tree Story where the man accepted his defeat but the hermit taught him a lesson from the bamboo tree. let’s see

Once there was a man who failed very badly in his life.

When he gained consciousness he faced many circumstances and lived his life.

When he grew up, he tried to correct his financial condition but he failed.

After failing he tried and tried.

But in the end, he gave up and left all his things, and was exiled into the woods.

There he met a hermit.

He narrated his story of failure to the hermit and asked, “Give me a reason not to quit?”

The hermit smiled and said pointing to the woods, “You can see a bamboo and a fern.”

The man nodded his head.

The hermit said when I planted the fern and the bamboo tree I took very good care of them.

I water them and give them sunlight and fertilizers.

But the fern grew within days but the bamboo tree was showing no sign of growth.

I continue to water both the plant as the fern was growing day by day on the other hand the bamboo tree didn’t grow a single inch.

So I didn’t stop watering the plant ever after a year the bamboo tree was showing no sign of growth.

But after five years I saw a small sprout emerging from the bamboo tree.

So what does it mean that the bamboo tree lies dormant for four years and then starts growing in the fifth year.

No my son for four years the bamboo tree was growing its roots from within so that it could stand a hundred meters high.

So this is what life is, your failure is your roots which keep growing until it’s not strong.

This is how the man learned the lesson and returned to his life and started working on his dreams.


A little more persistence and a little more effort will turn your life into a glorious success.


We see in life how people accept failure and feel defeated.

But once they know that their failure is the roots that keep growing inside to keep the success stand on it.

So never feel defeated because there is God then there is the glorified success.

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