The King's Elephant Story where elephant got stuck in mud

The King’s Elephant Story

Here’s The King’s Elephant Story where how to elephant got out of the mud with the sound of the war drums. let’s see how does it happen?

Once there was an elephant who was a good warrior and loved by the king.

The king took him to war many times and was the favorite of the king.

As the days passed by he grew old and the king was not taking him for war.

So he felt bad and went to the nearby pond to drink water.

When he entered the pond to drink water his feet got stuck into the mud.

He tried but didn’t come out of it.

One of the servants saw the elephant has gone to the pond and didn’t return.

They all went there and send the news of the elephant to the king.

King came to that pond and ordered the servants to take the elephant out of the pond.

After trying many times elephant didn’t come out.

Then buddha was passing by the servant went and narrated the story to him and requested him for help.

He took all the knowledge about the elephant and then told to play the war drum around the elephant.

The king ordered servants to bring the war drums and play all around the elephant.

After that, the elephant recognized the war drum sound and assumed that the war is going to start.

The elephant with all his force in only an attempt came out of that mud.

All of them who saw were surprised and asked buddha how did it happen as all their attempts got failed.

The Buddha said, “Elephant accepted his defeat and thought that he got old and the king is not taking him to war so he feels himself helpless but he forgot that he was one of the king favorite’s elephants who went for war so with all his enthusiasm he came out of the pond”


One must not accept its defeat because it can make you weak. So think positive and be positive because it maintains your enthusiasm and your willpower.


We see in life when a problem comes we think negatively and got stuck in that problem.

When we face a problem positively then we must defeat it with our willpower.

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