Holding Hands Story of a father and son

Holding Hands Story

Here’s a Holding Hands Story where the old man wants his son hand but who was the man who holds the hand of the old man whole night let’s see.

Once there was an old man who got admitted to the hospital.

The nurse took the servicemen to the bedside.

The nurse said, “Your son is here.”

She has to repeat the words several times then the old man could hear.

Then the old man opened his eyes to see his son.

He saw his son standing in a marine uniform near his bed.

The old man grasped his hand.

The marine holds the old man’s hand giving him a message of love and encouragement.

Then the nurse brought a chair so that the marine could sit near the bed.

The whole night the marine holds the old man’s hand and offers him words of strength and love.

When the nurse came at night she saw the old man holding the hand of the marine.

She told the marine to rest a while but he refused.

Then she heard noises of the hospital some talking to the patients that everything will be fine, the night staff exchanging greetings.

The dying man said nothing only holding his son’s hand throughout the night.

Along the dawn, the old man died.

The marine went to the nurse and told her about the old man.

Then she did what she had to do and the marine man waited.

Finally, she returned and offered words of sympathy to the marine but he interrupted.

“Who was that man?” Asked the marine.

The nurse was surprised and said, “He was your father.”

The marine replied, “No, he wasn’t, I never saw him before.”

Then why didn’t you say something when I took you to him, the nurse said.

The marine said, “I know that there had been a mistake but I also knew that the old man needed his son and his son wasn’t here.”


Sometimes just being there is enough.


We see in life how people leave their parents to be there for someone just for some time.

Because you will make someone happy if you stay there.

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