Plants in Pot says be honest with yourself

Be Honest with Yourself

Once there was a king who has all the happiness except the child’s happiness.

So he decided to adopt a child from his kingdom and make him the future king.

Then the king announced in the kingdom to bring all the children of the kingdom so that I can choose the future king.

All the children from the kingdom gathered and the king gave them different seeds.

The king announced that after six months we will be meeting and seeing whose plant grows the best.

After a month one of the children got a seed which was looking like it was not growing.

But the boy took great care of the seed, watering the seed every day.

Three months passed by but the seed was not showing any growth.

The boy got worried.

Then his mother told him to keep patience because some of the seeds take time to grow.

The boy didn’t give up and he continued to look after the seeds.

Six months passed by and the time came when everybody has to go to the king with the plant.

The boy was not afraid because every child will have a plant in the pot except his.

But the boy was honest with himself so he went to the king with the empty pot.

All the children’s gathered and were amazed as one of them will be selected as the king.

Now the king ordered them to show the pot to the king.

When he saw an empty pot then he asked the boy why is your pot empty?

The boy said but I took care of the seed for six months.

The king was happy with the boy’s honesty.

After looking at all the pots the king called the boy in front.

The king showed the pot to everyone.

The king said the plant you have are all fake because they can’t give anything to eat.

But the real seed was in the pot without a plant because the seed that the boy planted will give fruits in the future and without knowing it the boy took great care of the seed.


Be honest with yourself.


We see in life how people knew their advantage and disadvantage so be honest with yourself because one day it will open doors for your success.

So don’t waste your time and work hard and one day you will succeed.

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