Happiest Moment in My Life an interview

Happiest Moment in My Life

Once there was a billionaire who was called for an interview.

The interviewer asked the man which is the happiest moment in your life.

The man replied, “There are four stages of happiness in my life according to me.”

The interviewer wanted to know more so she questioned what are they?

The man said first when I was successful in accumulating the resource for my business to start.

At that time I was happy but I didn’t get the happiness I wanted.

Then comes the second stage where I started collecting valuable material things but that also didn’t give me happiness.

Then comes the third stage where I got a valuable position in the entire country as a position of a successful businessman.

I got many projects where 95% of the petroleum we supply in my country and became the largest shipowner of Asia and Africa.

At that time I got happiness that I never imagined. And at last, the fourth stage where one of my friends ask help from me.

He said to give wheelchairs to those who need them.

My friend insisted that I myself go and hand over the wheelchair to the ones who are in need.

After he insisted I agreed and went with him to an orphanage.

When I reached the place I gave wheelchairs to those children myself.

When I was handing over the wheelchair I saw a glow of happiness on their faces.

Later I saw them sitting in that wheelchair moving around and having fun.

I was feeling like that I came to a picnic and everyone was sharing their beautiful moments with me.

At that time I felt happiness from the inside.

Then I knew what real happiness is.


Bringing happiness to others is bringing happiness to you.


We see in life how people avoid giving to others and spend a life without real happiness.

The one who gives can feel happiness because when one helps who is in need, God will help the one when they are in need.

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