Donkey Story Moral

Donkey Story Moral

Here’s a Donkey Story Moral where we know that their are people they have their own opinion and where you have to go make your own way.

Once there was a father and son who lived in the village.

They had a nice donkey who was very healthy and has nice fur.

The father decided to sell the donkey at a good price.

Son said, “I will also go with you father”

His father said, “Ok”

As soon as they started moving with the donkey his father said we will sell this donkey to far villages.

Because the nearby village has their donkey and we will get cheap price.

When they started his son thought that if the donkey will walk a long distance then he will become thick and no one will give us a good amount of money.

So they brought a rope and tied it on both the legs and with the help of a stick they took that stick on their shoulder.

When they reached the first village the people of the villagers started laughing as they have a donkey and they are carrying it.

The donkey should carry the people but the people are carrying the donkey.

So the father thought that they are doing something wrong.

They put the donkey down and started walking along with the donkey.

Then going ahead again people started laughing because along with the donkey the father and son were walking.

The people laughed and said how fool they were.

Then the father said his son to sit on the donkey and his father was walking along with the donkey.

The next village came and people were disappointed to see that the son was sitting on the donkey and the aged father was walking.

His father thought that we are doing something wrong.

And told his son to walk along with the donkey and he will ride the donkey.

Again going far, some girls who saw them was not happy because the handsome young man was walking and the aged father was sitting on the donkey.

Father and son both sat on the donkey and arrived at the village.

They sell the donkey at a very good price and they return home happily.


What we learn from this story every person has it’s own opinion.


After reading the story what do you think the son and his father were doing wrong.

And what they did in Donkey Story Moral right comment below.

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