stories of Akbar And Birbal

Birbal story

Here is an inspiring Birbal short story that teaches us a lesson on how to take right decisions in all walks of life.

Each guest would visit the king of Persia from time to time and pretend to the visit of Birbal and his wisdom.

Therefore, the king doesn’t longed to see Birbal.

He wrote a letter to Emperor Akbar asking Akbar to send Birbal as a guest all week.

Akbar decided to send Birbal.

After taking gift Birbal began its journey.

Birbal with some gifts began his journey to meet the king of Persia.

When Birbal arrived in Persia, he was welcomed.

Upon entering the palace, he saw six identical persons seated on thrones sitting on identified thrones.

Birbal, who has never seen king before, is confused.

He could not find out who the real king was.

Slowly he checked everyone after a while and went straight to the person sitting in the middle and offered his greetings.

Birbal said, “O great king, accept my wishes it is my pleasure to meet you”.

The king of Persia was amazed and thought about how he could see this.

The king of Persia asked Birbal, “You have never seen me before, and yet you know that I am king”.

Birbal replied, “oh royalty at first I couldn’t identify who the king was but I checked everyone and then I saw that everyone was looking at you but you looked at me”.

Therefore, I have decided that you must be king and not someone else.


Wise people can understand a lot by looking.


In the above story, we see that Birbal took immediate action depending on the situation.

Looking Big is a sign of Wisdom and thinking sharp is a sign of an intelligent person.

We should learn something from Birbal and apply it in our lives and take action accordingly.

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