the man holding the rope of the cow

Interesting Saints Story

Here’s an short Interesting saints stories which will help you know who is the real owner you or the cow. So let’s read the story.

Once there was a man who has a cow.

The cow’s neck was tied with rope and the owner of the cow was the man who was holding it.

Once the man was in the field and he pulled the rope of the cow so that he can take the cow back.

But the cow was not listening to his master.

The cow didn’t move an inch and the man was pulling the rope many times.

The cow was still standing there without moving.

The man tried many times but failed.

Some distance from there was a saint who was sitting under the tree and seeing that how the man was struggling to pull his cow.

After some time he started laughing and the man when heard the laughter, was annoyed.

Then the saint went to the man the man asked why you were laughing?

The saint answered that I was laughing to myself thinking of something.

The man asked what was it?

The saint replied I was thinking that the bag I was carrying by my side is the owner of me or I am the owner of the bag.

The man who was holding the rope of the cow said that you are the owner of the bag.

Then saint replied it depends on who needs whom, the bag which I am carrying needs me or I need this bag.

Continuing the saint said so what do you think that you are the owner of the cow or the cow is the owner of you.

The man got in deep thinking. Then he also started laughing and again saint also started laughing.

After that, the saint left the bag there and walked away from there.


We think that we are the owner of something but we don’t even question who is the owner of whom.


We see in life how we tell that we are the owner of the things but the truth is you need that thing so question yourself who is the owner it’s you or the thing.

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