Eagle and Chicken Motivation

Eagle and Chicken Motivation

Here is the story where the eagle lives its life with the chicken and never looks up at the sky because the chicken has never looked up. So let’s start the story.

Long ago a farmer found an eagle’s nest that had been abandoned and that contained a warm egg in it.

He look everywhere there was no sign of the mother or of her siblings.

And so the farmer feared for the life of the little eagle and took the egg back to his farm.

And he put it in the nest in one of his chickens.

Two weeks later, the egg hatches and a small eagle comes out.

The hens took care of the eagle like a little chicken.

So the eagle grew, and so did the other chickens.

He looked around the farm, looking for grain, and ran to the hen house when it started to rain.

It does exactly what all the other chickens do, all his life.

He spent his whole life inside the yard and it was rare to look up because all the other chickens did not look up.

After a very long and comfortable life in the chicken’s coop, he was growing old, and one day he decided to raise his head and saw above a beautiful view.

He saw an eagle flapping high in the sky.

As we watched, the eagle sighed and ponder, “If only I had been born an eagle!”


He was born an eagle but decided to live like a chicken because everyone else did the same.


We see in life how people decide what to do and what not to do.

What we know is that you are an eagle and you have all the power that can help you achieve all your dreams.

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