Husband Wife Love Story after Marriage

Husband Wife Love Story After Marriage

Here’s a Husband Wife Love Story after Marriage, how wife got solution by a dairy to solve small problems. Everybody must read it.

Once there was a loving couple.

They were happy with each other and were leading a beautiful life.

Their relationship was so pure that everybody give examples of their relationship.

The day came when the anniversary came and before the anniversary there were some small complaints between them.

That day wife told her husband, “let’s make two diaries I will keep one and the other you have. We don’t get time to talk and some complaints, so after a year we will sit and read our complaints and try to solve them.”

Husband agreed and after a year when their marriage anniversary came and they sat and exchange their dairies.

When the husband got his wife’s diary he opened the first page and the first complaint was on the anniversary day he didn’t give him any gift.

Then turning the next page the next complaint was when I was told to go for a drive then you told me I was tired.

The next page complaint was when I told you to have dinner at the hotel then you refused.

This is how every page contains a complaint and after reading the whole diary the husband’s eye was full of tears.

He closed the diary and realized his mistakes.

He faced his wife and said, “I didn’t know about such complaint and promising not to repeat it in future.”

Wife was happy with his husband.

Now wife’s turn was to open the diary.

When she opened the diary she saw blank pages and when she turned a few pages she saw the diary was empty.

She was angry with her husband, “A year passed but you never wrote anything on the diary I was only writing your short complaint with so much effort.”

The Husband replied, “I have written at the end of the diary”

When she opened the last page she read, “No matter how much I complain your love for me and my children are limitless. Many countless mistakes of mine you ignored and supported me in every situation. Your sacrifice for your children and then for our happiness would never compete for the short complaints.”

After reading the wife’s eyes were now full of tears and hugged the husband.

They burned the diary and then they lead a very beautiful life as if they newly married.


A good relationship is when your past accepted, your present is supportable and encourages your future.


We see in life how couples fight for small things but we should learn from them.

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