story of the stonecutter

Story of the Stonecutter

Here is the story of a stonecutter who wishes to be a prince, the sun, the clouds and the mountains. But in the end you know the power of cutting stones. Let’s start the story.

Once upon a time there was a stonecutter who worked hard and made a living by his work.

One day he had to pass by a rich man’s house made of polished stone.

The stone mason stopped and amazed the house for an hour.

After returning to his work he thought of the house of a wealthy merchant.

He told himself how rich the salesman was who lived in that house.

He remember that he wants to make a living for himself.

His dream came true when he returned from work and saw his little house turned into a palace.

Although he enjoyed the luxuries of life, he had to work hard to support himself.

He told himself that if I became a prince, I would have many employees.

Then his wish was fulfilled and his clothes were changed into the garments of the prince and the servants were there to do the work.

The workers have a seat for their prince.

He sat on a chair and the staff carried him home.

The stonecutter has everything but he was not satisfied.

Later when he leaves his palace for a walk he sees the sun and wishes that if it could be the sun.

It became a very bright sun.

He can see that the clouds were very strong because they met and blocked out the sun.

So he became a cloud.

After going everywhere, it rained, and then when he got stuck in the mountain he said the mountain stood still no matter what.

After that he turned into a mountain.

Or it was the sun, not the rain that would move him.

After a while you see a stonecutter cutting stone from the mountains.

Then he realized that the most stronger person was a stonecutter than anyone else.

He then wished he could return to his former position as a stonecutter.


Enjoy what you have because no one is stronger than you.


In today’s world, it is easy to see how we are going to spend money if we have more money.

So for those with a similar reading experience read the story of the stonecutter.

And do comment what you feel about the story of the stonecutter.

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