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the king and beggar story which contains inspiration and conclusion
King Stories

King and beggar story

Let’s read the story of the king and the beggar in which we see how the king became a beggar and how he found the next king of his kingdom. There was a king who ruled over a great empire but unfortunately did not have a son to sit on the throne. So he has […]

life race
Life Story

Life is a Race

It is an old wise man’s story which proves the real meaning of the race of life. let’s see, Everything in life is not only Success. Once upon a time there was a young boy who was hungry for success. For him winning the race was everything. One day a little boy was preparing to […]

Palace of Akbar where Birbal will be hung.
Akbar & Birbal

Akbar and Birbal Story

Once Akbar was out to play hunt. On the way when he took out his sword, his thumb got hurt and blood was coming out. He ordered his servants to call the hakim. Suddenly Birbal came and looked at his thumb and said that my lord whatever happens happens for its best. Akbar became angry […]

Father gives the son value of life through the stone.
Father and Son Stories

Value Of Life

One day the son goes to his father and says, ‘What is the value of my life? His father gave him a stone and said son if you want to know the value of your life take this stone to the market. If someone asks for a price you can say nothing and raise two […]

True Friendship Story

True Friendship Story

Here you come to know a story on true friendship and how a 8 year boy saved a 10 year boy. let’s start the story and see how it is possible. Two friends lived in a village, one of age 8 and the other was 12. They both were true friends. One day they were […]