The Greedy Farmer Story standing after harvesting the field

The Greedy Farmer Story

Here’s The Greedy Farmer Story where the farmer was jealous of his neighbor’s. Let’s see what happens.

Once there was a farmer who lived in a small village.

He didn’t have much money and was jealous of his neighbors who were richer.

He even thought how unfair it was that they had more money than him.

One day the farmer was coming back from his fields tired and worried.

He met an old man on his way who was sitting under a tree.

The old man saw that the farmer was upset and asked him what was wrong.

The farmer said he worked hard in his fields every day but it’s a very tough job to do the work without a bull.

If I would had a bull I could have done most of the work.

The old man had a bull with him which was tied at some distance.

The old man pointed towards the bull and said to the farmer you can take the bull now it’s yours.

But when you reach home please tell your neighbors to come and see me.

The farmer was happy but also confused.

So the farmer asked why do you want to see my neighbor.

The old man answered because I want to give him two bulls.

The farmer suddenly felt angry and jealous.

He thought it would be unfair as he got a single bull and his neighbor would get two bulls.

The farmer angrily told the old man that if you will give two bulls to my neighbor’s then I don’t want any bull from you.

The old man said the problem isn’t that you don’t have money, you are jealous.

If you are happy with what you got then you won’t be upset with what others have.

You could have been the happiest person if you weren’t jealous.

Then the old man took his bull and walked away into the forest.

The farmer was left alone and realized his mistake and he promised himself that he would be happy with what he had.


A happy soul doesn’t get jealous of other’s happiness.


We see in life how people get jealous of others if they have more.

But they don’t think that what God gave them is much more than others.

So be happy with what you have and live a happy life.

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