Attitude Story in English where a man standing at the peak of mountain

Attitude Story in English

Here’s an Attitude Story in English where the man thinks to be intelligent but when he faces the one who created him, he realized his mistake

Once there was a man who thought himself to be the most intelligent man on earth.

He climbed a very famous mountain.

Few people reached the top of the mountain.

The man reached the peak of the mountain and then he turned his face towards the sky and asked a question to God.

He asked God how many years is a million years worth to you?

A voice said for me millions of years are not equal to a year but are equal to a minute.

The man was shocked after listening to the reply.

Again the man looked up and asked the second question, one million is equal to how many rupees for you?

A voice came and told him that for me one million is equal to a rupee.

When the man heard, he immediately used his intelligence and asked the voice, “Please give me a rupee.”

It means that according to god one million is equal to a single rupee if the god will give him one rupee then it will be equal to one million for that man.

After listening to the man the voice said, “I will give you a single rupee but wait for a minute.”

Now this means that the man has now have to wait for a million years because for the man that one minute is equal to a million years.


Intelligent people make the mistake of considering the person in front of them as less intelligent.


We see in life how people think they are smarter than anyone else.

But the time comes when they realize that they are not so smart.

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