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A tree in the garden denotes Doing Good To Others
Life Story

Doing Good To Others

Here’s a Doing Good To Others Story where the selfish man did good to others and the life span of him increases as the leaves got dense Once there was a man who lived in a village who was very selfish. He used to do his work with the help of others and don’t pay […]

a bird flying over the sea making the past to forget
Life Story

Forget The Past

Here’s a Forget The Past Inspiring story where the free bird carried the memories of the past and at the end died leaving behind stones. Once there was a bird who was free to fly. She could float to the sky, catching pray for her lunch. She could dive in the summer lakes to catch […]

Lazy Student in classroom with empty notebook
Student Teacher Stories

Lazy Student

Here’s a Lazy Student story where the student who was lazy doesn’t trust himself rather his father and how he fell into the problem. Once there was a boy named Mahesh. He was a very lazy boy. One day the class teacher gave the students homework to do. Mahesh went to one of his friends […]

the found the Real Truth of Life inside the cave
Zen Story

Real Truth of Life

Here’s a Real Truth of Life Inspiring Story where disciple told master that there is no empty space, in mind and heart the only one is you. Once there was a master who lived in an ashram. He called his best disciple and told him about a cave in the forest. He told him to […]

Short Story of a honest man riding on a bicycle
Life Story

Short Story on Honesty

Here’s a Short Story on Honesty where one of the salesman was greedy and the other one was honest and he won the reward for honesty. Once there were two salesmen in a town. Both sell pots, pans, and hand-made trinkets. They divided the town between them. As they agreed that one has gone through […]

How to Think Positive, surgery in hospital
Life Story

How to Think Positive

Here’s a How to Think Positive Motivational Story where tom looks every situation has two choices either this or that so choose wisely. Once a man named tom who was a hotel manager. So tom was always in a good mood has something positive to say. If someone would ask him how he was doing? […]

Value of Cleanliness in a classroom
Student Teacher Stories

Value of Cleanliness

Here’s a Value of Cleanliness Inspiring story where a boy who missed his prayer and was cleaning his class and the teacher was proud of him. Once there was a school in a town. A boy named Ashok was the class leader of the seven standards. Their teacher is very particular that everyone should attend […]

The Magic Pencil on a notebook Story

The Magic Pencil Story

Here’s The Magic Pencil Story where the boy draw a leaf and it came to life and he helped the need with that pencil let’s see how? Once there was a boy who lived in a town with his mother. One day he went with his mother to an antique store. When they entered the […]

Two Lazy Brother resting under a tree story
King Stories

Lazy Story

Here’s a Lazy Story where two brothers learned the lesson and promised not to be lazy anymore. How could this happen let’s see. Once in a village lived two very lazy brothers. Whenever they were told to work they used to sleep due to their lazy attitude. Raj and Mohan’s mother were fed up with […]

How to Motivate Someone and a man was driving a car
Life Story

How to Motivate Someone

Here’s a How to Motivate Someone Inspiring Story where man who was blind pulled car out of the ditch himself. How did he do this let’s see. Once there was a man who was on a road trip. He was driving the car and crossing a village. When he wanted to see the direction from […]