Potato Egg and Coffee Bean boiling Story

Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story

Here’s a Potato Egg and Coffee Bean Story where the father understand his sons problems who was crying and teaches him a life lesson.

Once there was a boy named Mahesh.

He lived with his parents in a beautiful home.

One day his father finds him crying and asked him if everything is right.

Mahesh said to his father that he has many problems in life and talked about his problems.

Mahesh’s father patiently listens to him.

His father understands his problem and went to the kitchen.

Then he brings potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans.

Then he asked him to touch them one by one and tell what he feels.

Mahesh told his father how he feel them after touching.

Then he took Mahesh to the kitchen and in front of him he put all of them in different bowls.

Then he pours water and keeps them on a stove.

He then boils them all and after a few minutes, the father turns off the stove and empties the water in it to cool them down.

When they have been cooled down Mahesh’s father asked him to touch them one by one and tell him what he feels.

Mahesh has a different answer this time.

Now Mahesh said the potato’s skin is easier to peel as it has turned very soft.

The egg that was hard now become more harder and the fresh aroma coming from the coffee beans.

Listening to Mahesh his father started smiling and tells him how the potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans reacted to the adverse situation.

The potatoes have become soft, the egg turned very strong and the coffee beans have changed their form completely during their testing time.


Problems are a part of life and solving them is an art of life.


We see in life how people fear facing problems but they don’t know that the problems are a part of life.

The greater the problem, the more glory in overcoming it.

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