Father gives the son value of life through the stone.

Value Of Life

One day the son goes to his father and says, ‘What is the value of my life?

His father gave him a stone and said son if you want to know the value of your life take this stone to the market.

If someone asks for a price you can say nothing and raise two fingers.

So the boy did as his father told him and went off to the marketplace.

Suddenly, an old woman appeared and asked her how much the stone was.

The boy says nothing and just raises two fingers.

Then the woman says two dollars? I’ll take it.

The son is shocked and runs back to his father.

There was an old woman in the market, she wanted to give me two dollars for a stone.

Dad says son, the next place I want you to go to the museum and if anyone asks for a price say nothing and raise two fingers.

Immediately, son picks up the stone and goes to the museum.

After a while there was a middle-aged man who asked the boy.

How much does this stone cost?

The boy says nothing and raises two fingers and the man says 200 dollars?

Wow I’ll take it.

The boy was shocked and runs home to his father.

A man in a museum wanted to buy a stone for 200$.

Lastly I want you to take the stone to a gemstone store.

Go inside the store and if anyone asks for a price say nothing just raise two fingers.

Then the son runs to a jewelry store.

After finding it, he went inside and there was an old man at the counter.

As the old man sees the stone he bounce and shouts oh my lord, he has a stone that he has been looking all my life.

What do you want in exchange of this stone, how much does it cost? The boy says nothing and raises two fingers.

And the old man says 200000 dollars? I’ll take it.

The boy can’t believe he rushed to his father.

An old man at a jewelry store wanted to give me 2,000,000$ for a stone.

Do you learn now, the value of life?

Life is about where you put yourself.

You can choose if you want to be a 2 dollar stone or a 200000 dollar stone.


The world is about your place in people’s hearts, If you want to put yourself in a good place people will love you. If you decide to put yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, people will hate you.


In today’s life, we see that some people love you and you are everything to them and other people will just use you as assets to them, you will no longer be anything.

So It is up to us to determine the value of your life.

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