Inspirational Story About Father And Son old palace

Inspirational Story About Father And Son

Here’s an Inspirational Story About Father And Son where the father taught a life lesson to his sons and they learned the lesson of life.

Once two sons were fighting to divide the property.

As the day passed the fight was getting deeper and deeper.

They were quarreling over a dispute about a house which is going to be either of the two sons.

Both were at their stand and both of them were not leaving the house at any cost.

The father was seeing the dispute in his house and was smiling.

The brother went to the father and asked the reason behind his smile.

He told that I remembered an incident and only with a promise I will show you.

The father said promise me that you will not fight where you are with me.

They agreed and the father took his both son with him.

They traveled far distance with a bus and then reached a place where a palace was there and the area was covered with sand.

When the three entered the palace they saw the birds has made a nest inside.

When the father entered the palace he started crying.

The sons asked him, “Why are you crying father?”

He replied you will not remember but I remember the place where you all grew up.

Like you, I was also fighting with my brother for this palace and I won.

Then I got the palace but after getting the palace he left the world.

Then his family shifted to some other place and then we also left the palace.

From that time the palace is no use to me. Because the relationship with my brother was broken when I won the palace.

So I want to make you understand that the seat which you were sitting on the bus belongs to you?

The son replied, “No father today we all were sitting and after some time the seat belongs to someone else.”

The father said this is exactly what I am trying to say is that the property, the money this is only we have for a limited time after that someone else will be the owner of it.

Listening to this, both his sons fell into the leg of his father and cried.


Nothing in this world is permanent even your soul will be taken out from your body one day.


We see in life how people fight for land, house, money, etc.

They didn’t know that all this is for a limited amount of time.

Everything will end one day no one could take anything with them.

All the material things will be in this world only.

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