Education of APJ Abdul Kalam design of a fighter jet

Education of APJ Abdul Kalam

Here’s Education of APJ Abdul Kalam story of the college where he tested by putting under stress and as a result he flared up.

As a young boy Abdul Kalam and his friends walked back home from school at Rameswaram.

On the way he and his friends rested at the bank of the village ponds.

While his friends practiced skimming pebbles over the water but Abdul Kalam sit and watch the seagull and cranes soar in the sky.

The sight of the birds inspired kalam and now the future of Abdul Kalam was clear.

He knew that he had to go into engineering.

The Madras University of Technology popularly known as MIT was the best institution for technical studies in south India.

He worked very hard to win a scholarship that allow him to study at a well-known university.

One day when he entered the university campus he saw his goal displayed inside the college campus.

The MIT campus has two large aircraft that were on display.

So he sat near the aircraft and the other students went back to their hostels.

Abdul Kalam fascinated by the details of the design.

Inspired by the aircraft and thought that someday he will also design the aircraft.

For the final project at MIT, he was asked to design a fighter jet.

So he got a team of four other classmates and the work was distributed.

One day his teacher called him and reviewed his progress.

And said, “Really disappointed with your plan, I expected much more from you.”

Abdul Kalam offered several excuses but his teacher refused to listen.

Kalam pleaded, “Sir, please give me one more month I will come up with a better design.”

The teacher told kalam, “I am giving you three days if you failed to show me the design then your scholarship will be canceled.”

After listening to this kalam was speechless.

Then he worked very hard and he hardly go to sleep.

He started eating less so that his work should complete on time.

When it was the last day and kalam almost completed the work he feel that someone is standing behind his back.

When he turned he saw his teacher standing just behind him.

After examining his work his teacher appreciated and said, “I knew I was putting you under stress by asking you to meet an impossible deadline. I never expected you to perform so well.”

Not only did Abdul Kalam win the scholarship but also graduated the college with outstanding marks.


If you can’t handle the stress, you can’t handle the success.


What we do in life when we are under stress.

We leave work and want to come out of the situation so that we feel relaxed.

If we are relaxing at a young age then it’s harmful because if we do not handle the stress in life then how can we handle success.

So if one wants to succeed in life then one must handle stress.

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