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Short Story on God where an old woman smiles and in return the little boy also smiles.

Short Story on God

Here’s a Short Story on God is everywhere where you come to know when we smile then we also receive smiles in return. let’s start the story Once there was a boy who decided to meet God. He knew that the place where God lives is far so he packed his bag in which he […]

How God Helps in many forms
Life Story

How God Helps

Here’s a How God Helps us Story where we will come across how God helps us in many ways but the only requirement is to recognize. Once there was a village where people are very kind-hearted and live in harmony. Every day villagers go to pray at the temple where a priest was also there. […]

Man lost in Desert Story hut in desert
Life Story

Man lost in Desert Story

Here’s a Man lost in Desert Story which will inspire how to trust in god and believe in yourself. How the man is saved let’s see. Once there a man who lost in the desert. His flask was empty and he needed water to survive. Walking for some distance for water he saw a hut […]

Short Story about God with moral lesson four heap of sand
King Stories

Short Story about God with moral lesson

Here’s a Short Story about God with moral lesson that teaches us whatever happens, if you believe in God to the fullest then the God is with you. Once there was a king who doesn’t have any son. He tried but he doesn’t have any child. So one of the advisors of the king goes […]

trust in god story of a warrior
Life Story

Trust in God Story

Here’s a Trust in God Story where we know how a warrior trust’s god and sits calmly while the storm was approaching to destroy his boat. So let’s start the story. Once there was a man who just got married. They have gone to other country and they were retuning. The man with his wife […]