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the black dot on the white paper
Student Teacher Stories

The Black Dot Story Professor

One day a professor came into classroom and asked students to prepare for an unexpected exam. They are all anxiously waiting at their desks for the test to begin. He handed them all the papers and asked them to turn the papers over. Everyone was amazed that there were no questions just a black dot […]

Failure story by a. P. J abdul kalam
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Failure Story

This is a story taken from the life of former and late Indian President A.P.J Abdul Kalam. How he handled failure. His story of failure can improve everyone’s life. In 1979, 17 August A.P.J Abdul Kalam was ready to launch satellite with four systems and thousands of objects. Build at Vikram Sarabhai Space Center where […]

stories of Akbar And Birbal
Akbar & Birbal

Birbal story

Here is an inspiring Birbal short story that teaches us a lesson on how to take right decisions in all walks of life. Each guest would visit the king of Persia from time to time and pretend to the visit of Birbal and his wisdom. Therefore, the king doesn’t longed to see Birbal. He wrote […]

A rock in the road story
King Stories

A rock in the road story

Why does the king put a rock in the road and hide in the bushes? Let’s start the story where we see how a farmer turns a problem into an opportunity. In ancient times, a king commanded his men to set up a large stone at the middle of the road. He then hid in […]

Life Story

How To Enjoy Life

Here How To Enjoy Life defines that only focusing on goals may lead you miss the real treasures of life. So enjoy and live a healthy life. There was a wise man who lived in the village and everyone respected him and his opinions were respected. His son, but, was very lazy and wasted his […]

the king and beggar story which contains inspiration and conclusion
King Stories

King and beggar story

Let’s read the story of the king and the beggar in which we see how the king became a beggar and how he found the next king of his kingdom. There was a king who ruled over a great empire but unfortunately did not have a son to sit on the throne. So he has […]

life race
Life Story

Life is a Race

It is an old wise man’s story which proves the real meaning of the race of life. let’s see, Everything in life is not only Success. Once upon a time there was a young boy who was hungry for success. For him winning the race was everything. One day a little boy was preparing to […]

Palace of Akbar where Birbal will be hung.
Akbar & Birbal

Akbar and Birbal Story

Once Akbar was out to play hunt. On the way when he took out his sword, his thumb got hurt and blood was coming out. He ordered his servants to call the hakim. Suddenly Birbal came and looked at his thumb and said that my lord whatever happens happens for its best. Akbar became angry […]

Father gives the son value of life through the stone.
Father and Son Stories

Value Of Life

One day the son goes to his father and says, ‘What is the value of my life? His father gave him a stone and said son if you want to know the value of your life take this stone to the market. If someone asks for a price you can say nothing and raise two […]