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Greedy king story who died
King Stories

Greedy King Story

Here’s a Greedy king story where we see the king dies he doesn’t get a glass of water to drink nor food to eat for one time. There was a king who had a great empire. The king was so greedy that he made a cave in the depths of the forest and kept all […]

knowledge story on english
Father and Son Stories

Knowledge Story in English

Here’s a Knowledge Story in English which teaches us how to have knowledge in our life. Without knowledge life will be difficult. Let’s start the story. Once there was a jeweler. He died at a very age due to which his family was in trouble because he was the only one who earns. His family […]

Learn to Love Yourself to the fullest.
Father and Son Stories

Learn to Love Yourself

Here is a Learn to Love Yourself story that will surely help us to love ourselves for the way a father made his son realize the importance of love in life. So let’s start the story. Long ago, there was a small village where a man lived. There was a mountain in front of his […]

99 Gold Coins story
King Stories

99 Gold Coins Story

Here’s a story of 99 Gold Coins which teaches us to be happy whatever we have, if we demand for more then your happiness will lost. Once there was a king who was very successful. He had everything in his palace but he was also unhappy and dissatisfied. One day, as he was walking around […]

a pot full of milk

The Pot of Milk Story

Here is a short story called The Pot of Milk Story where a miser man thinks how he got to all the people in the village and what they did? Let’s start the story. Once there was a village and because of the lack of rain it was dry. Now the situation was due to […]

Life story of APJ Abdul Kalam
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Life story of APJ Abdul Kalam

Here is a short story of the life of APJ Abdul Kalam in which you know the journey from selling papers to the president of India. Let’s start the story. The full name of APJ Abdul Kalam is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam who was born on October 15, 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. His […]

Miracle Story in English
Father and Son Stories

Miracle Story in English

Here is a Miracle Story in English where you will learn how to find out childish act with your inner child. Let’s start the story. One day a little girl with a piggy bank went to the medical store. There was a large crowd at the medical store so the man who worked there did […]

story of two friends

Story of Two Friends

This is the story of two friends who became friends for a few days in the same room in the hospital. One of them was a paralyzed patient which was under the neck. The man then urged his nurse to inject him with a death injection. He does not want to live a life like […]

Father and Son Stories

Golden Fruit

Here’s a story of a Golden Fruit Inspiring story which teaches us how to know your children desires and how to be aware of remorse. Once, a father and son went to the market. Along the way, father noticed that some boys were searching in the mud looking for something. He stops and asks the […]