Ghost Story For Kids

Ghost Story For Kids

Here’s a Ghost Story For Kids where the ghost completes work within minutes and if the work is not given to him what will happen let’s see.

Once there was a tantric who caught a ghost and wanted to sell it.

He went to the town where he met a rich man.

The rich man asked, “What is inside this bottle?”

The tantric replied the bottle contains a ghost who has the immense power of doing every difficult work.

Hence ghost can complete many years of work in minutes.

The rich man was very curious to know about the ghost.

The tantric said only one thing you have to take care of if you will not give any work to him then he will come after to eat you.

The rich man thought that I have many businesses and plenty of work to do.

This ghost will get tired but not finish the work.

Then the rich man asked the price of the ghost.

The tantric said, “Only one thousand rupees.”

The rich man was very happy to know that with one hundred rupees he will get the ghost to do all his work.

He immediately gave the money to tantric and bought the ghost.

As the rich man opened the bottle the ghost said, “work work work.”

The rich man was ready and he start giving the work.

As the rich man tells him any task the ghost completes it within minutes.

The rich man surprised to see how fast the ghost works.

The rich man was very happy to see all his work finished within minutes.

But he worried as the ghost has almost completed the work.

He came to know that a saint was in the town.

He visited and told the story of a ghost to him.

The saint smiled and said You only have to do one thing tell the ghost to bring a long bamboo and put it in your garden.

Whenever you don’t have any work to give then tell the ghost to go up the bamboo and come down again and again.

So this way your work will be done and he will not come after you.


Thinking smartly is the only way to come out of any problem.


We see in life how people get into a problem if they think smartly then they will come out of any problem.

So, there are works to do but there is God to whom we have to thank and pray every day.

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