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Greedy Dog Story where dog got a big juicy bone

Greedy Dog Story

Here’s a Greedy Dog Story where a dog with his greediness lost the food which was his and that day he slept with empty stomach. Once upon a time, there lived a greedy dog. He used to go here and there for food and water. He lived in a small doghouse and whenever he feels […]

Story About Stars in the Sky to see the future

Story About Stars in the Sky

Here’s a Story About Stars in the Sky where an old man see the future by looking at the stars. let’s see why the story got so funny. Once there was an old man who lived in a village. He pretends to see the future looking at the stars. The old man was very famous […]

A Bag of Gold Coins Story where raj is counting the gold coins
Life Story

A Bag of Gold Coins Story

Here’s A Bag of Gold Coins Story where you will get to know that Honesty is rewarded but Greediness is punished. let’s see what lies ahead. Once there was Raj who was very greedy. He was so greedy that he never hesitated to cheat others and earn gold coins. Raj never wants to share his […]

The Cookie Thief Story where the bag of cookies
Life Story

The Cookie Thief Story

Here’s The Cookie Thief Story where a girl without knowing at the cookies which doesn’t belong to her. let’s read what happen next. Once a girl was traveling to another country and waiting in the airport. She purchased a book from the airport and started reading it. Then she bought a bag of cookies and […]

Greedy Story of a boy who lost
Father and Son Stories

Greedy Story

Here’s a Greedy Story where a boy who was so greedy that he lost what he was getting and due to greedy thoughts he lost everything. Once there were two twin boys named Ravi and Mohan. They both look so similar that who is Ravi and who is Mohan was very difficult to find out. […]

Story of Merchant and Blacksmith where blacksmith is making the saw
Life Story

Story of Merchant and Blacksmith

Here’s a Story of Merchant and Blacksmith where how merchant offered him double money but the blacksmith refuses to do let’s see why? Once there was a carpenter who worked for a merchant. One day when he was doing his work his saw broke. He thought of going to town to purchase the new saw. […]

short story on importance of tree which is between the desert

The Giving Tree Story

Here’s a Short Story On The Giving Tree Story through which we come to know how important tree is after reading the story. So let’s start the story. Once there was a very big tree in between a desert. The desert connects three cities north, south, and west. If someone has to go from one […]

life race
Life Story

Life is a Race

It is an old wise man’s story which proves the real meaning of the race of life. let’s see, Everything in life is not only Success. Once upon a time there was a young boy who was hungry for success. For him winning the race was everything. One day a little boy was preparing to […]