Real Education boy riding bicycle

Real Education

Here’s a Real Education A life lesson where Rahim who scored good marks in exam and when he faced the quiz he don’t know any answers. Once there were two siblings Rahim and Zoya. They both studied in the same class in the same school. Both were excellent in their studies. But often Rahim scored […]

Lion and Mouse Story Moral cave of the lion

Lion and Mouse Story Moral

Here’s a Lion and Mouse Story Moral where the lion who thinks the mouse to be useless but the mouse helped the lion when the lion got trapped. Once in a huge forest, there lived a lion. All the animals in the forest fear the lion. No one even dares to go near the cave […]

Haste Makes Waste hunter story

Haste Makes Waste

Here’s a Haste Makes Waste Moral Story where the hunter thought that the hound killed his son so his haste kills a hound who was innocent. Once there was a hunter who lived near the forest. The hunter was very good at hunting the animals for food. The hunter has a beautiful hound. The hound […]

Banyan Tree Story

Banyan Tree Story

Here’s a Banyan Tree Story where the banana tree didn’t help the sparrow nor did the guava tree but the banyan tree helped let’s see. Once a sparrow was flying happily in the sky. She was singing melodies and having fun. Suddenly a hunter hit her with a stone. The hunter ran behind the sparrow […]

The Magic Pencil on a notebook Story

The Magic Pencil Story

Here’s The Magic Pencil Story where the boy draw a leaf and it came to life and he helped the need with that pencil let’s see how? Once there was a boy who lived in a town with his mother. One day he went with his mother to an antique store. When they entered the […]

brother and sister inspire us about Importance Of Time

Importance Of Time

Here’s a Importance Of Time story where a brother and sister depicts importance of time as sister does work on time and brother don’t. Once a brother and a sister were studying in the same school. The girl named Vani was elder and the boy named Sam was younger. One day Vani was completing her […]

Never Lie Story father and son walking by the streets

Never Lie Story

Here’s a Never Lie Story where the boy jack started lying and one day he realizes that lying can also take someone’s life so he stop lying. Once there was a boy named jack. He learned from his friends that lying is the easiest way to out of any situation. So he become fond of […]

World is A Mirror Story a dead dog

World is A Mirror Story

Here’s World is A Mirror Story where our feelings, emotions and actions acts as a mirror if we do bad to others something bad happens to us. Once there was a museum situated in India. The museum contains many rooms and different rooms depicting different eras. At the back side of the museum, there was […]

Clever Fish story of a fisherman

Clever Fish

Here’s a Clever Fish Inspiring Story where the fish with his cleverness save his life from the fisherman and it’s a lesson for all of us. Once there was a fisherman who used to go to the bank of the river to catch fish. Then he sells the fish in the market and earns his […]

The Story Of Santa Claus flying high in the sky

The Story Of Santa Claus

Here’s The Story Of Santa Claus where the kind and generous man known as Nicholas who spread happiness by distribution of the present. Once there was a very wealthy old man named Nicholas. He was a kind generous man. Nicholas enjoyed surprising people, especially the children. Nicholas has a special hobby. He would carve out […]