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The Power Of Education rope in dark
Zen Story

The Power Of Education

Here’s The Power Of Education Inspiring story where disciple in the darkness saw the rope as snake and in the light it was clearly the rope. Once there was a saint who lived in the ashram. One of the disciples asked the saint, “What is the power of education?” The saint replied, “You will know […]

This Time Will Also Pass story of a ruby ring
Zen Story

This Time Will Also Pass

Once there was a king who was sitting on his throne. He said to his ministers that he doesn’t have time to read all the books in the palace so he needs a phrase that will work for his entire life. All the ministers searched the books and nobles but they couldn’t find any phrase […]

Problems In Life farm house
Zen Story

Problems In Life

Here’s a Problems In Life Inspiring Story which will tell us that there are problems in Life that we can’t do anything about it. Once there was a man who listened that a Zen came to his village. He decided to meet him and tell him about the problems so that Zen would give him […]

God Has A Plan man in forest
Zen Story

God Has A Plan

Here’s God Has A Plan Story where the sage shows the lazy man the right way as he went on the wrong way. then he understood let’s see. Once there was a lazy man who lived in a village. He was so lazy that he want food without any hard work. One day when he […]

Monk Advice traveling
Zen Story

Monk Advice

Here’s a Monk Advice where the monk rested at the couple’s house and in return the monk advised the couple and what happen next let’s see. Once a monk decided to travel to his master who is very old. So he collected all his belongings and started his journey. On his way when the sunset […]

Beauty In Imperfection garden in temple
Zen Story

Beauty In Imperfection

Here’s a Beauty In Imperfection Inspiring story where the priest leaned the lesson of his life that finding beauty in imperfection is good. Once there was a very famous Zen temple. The temple contains a very beautiful garden with trees, plants, and shrubs. One of the priests loves gardening. One day the master decided to […]

The Priest and The Goat Story

The Priest and The Goat Story

Here’s The Priest and The Goat Story where the three robber fools the priest by tricking and take away the healthy goat from the priest. Once in a village, there lived a holy priest who was very honest and religious. One day he helped a rich man without any benefit. So the rich man called […]

Story Of Disciple walking to the palace
Zen Story

Story Of Disciple

Here’s a Story Of Disciple who wants all rituals, gold, jewels and palace. but why he refused to take the throne let’s read the story. Once there was a disciple who was at the last stage to achieve enlightenment. He goes to his master and asked, “I am ready please tell me my last initiation.” […]

Donation Story of Zen who was kindness
Zen Story

Donation Story

Here’s a Donation Story where a Zen used to donate the money every month and when the receipt came let’s see what happens next. Once a boy completed his studies and he was searching for a job. After searching for many days he didn’t find any job and was at home disappointed as he was […]

Zen answer to the man story
Zen Story

Zen Answer to A Man Story

Here’s a Zen answer to a man story where we know the answer of why did you not punish the man instead leave him why? So let’s start the story. Once there was a zen passing by a street in a village. One man came to him with a stick and beat the zen. Due […]