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Story on Honesty where the couple decorates the house

Story on Honesty

Here’s a Story on Honesty where a porter who was old and at his last breadth he thinks to deliver the stuff at his destination. Once there was a very rich couple. They have invited all their family and friends to their home to give them a big party. So they went to the market […]

Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant where the flock of birds flying in the sky

Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant

Here’s a Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant taken from history where how flock of birds defeated the army of Abraha let’s see. Many years ago, there was a king of Yemen name Abraha who was very proud of his power. One day he decided to attack the holy city of Mecca. When the […]

story about burning house father son stories\
Father and Son Stories

A House on Fire Story

Here’s A House on Fire Story where we learn how mind controls the body and behavior, if you think good your behavior will be good. let’s start the story. There was a man who lived in the city. He made a very beautiful house and everyone who see praises the man. One day the man […]

short story on importance of tree which is between the desert

The Giving Tree Story

Here’s a Short Story On The Giving Tree Story through which we come to know how important tree is after reading the story. So let’s start the story. Once there was a very big tree in between a desert. The desert connects three cities north, south, and west. If someone has to go from one […]

life race
Life Story

Life is a Race

It is an old wise man’s story which proves the real meaning of the race of life. let’s see, Everything in life is not only Success. Once upon a time there was a young boy who was hungry for success. For him winning the race was everything. One day a little boy was preparing to […]