Loving Couple Story of blind husband

Loving Couple Story

Here’s a Loving Couple Story where the beautiful girl who was loved by her husband has not become ugly. what happens next let’s see.

Once there was a very nice couple who was living a happy life.

The man admired her wife’s beauty and loved her very much.

One day the wife came to know that she has skin cancer.

Due to this, she will lose her beauty.

After knowing this she was sad because her husband will not admire her anymore and will leave her.

Meanwhile, The Husband was out and went to town for some work.

When he was returning, he met with an accident.

After the accident, he lost his eyesight.

In spite of this, their married life continued and after months the wife’s skin was infected.

She was losing her beauty but her blind husband can’t see it so it didn’t affect her married life.

The husband continued to love her as always.

One day the wife died. Now the husband was sad and alone.

He decided to leave the city.

After completing her funeral, he was about to leave.

The next day when he was leaving his house, one of his neighbors saw the blind mind leaving the house.

He went and hold his hand and said, “You are blind uncle where will you go it would be difficult for you without any support?”

The blind husband replied, “Friend I am not blind.”

The boy was shocked and asked the reason for his act?

The blind husband said, “As my wife was losing her beauty, she would have thought that if I see her ugly then I will leave her. So, I was pretending to be blind so that she can’t bother it and live her life happily. If my wife could know that I see her ugly then I would have hurt more than she could.”

He continued and said, “She was my wife whom I love till my death, my loving wife.”


Sometimes to be happy, we must take the help of the lies, and then life will become easy.


We see in life how people fall in love and take care of each other but if there will be an absence of understanding then the relationship may fall.

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