Zen Story

Set Your Goal story of seeing the target first
Zen Story

Set Your Goal

Here’s a Set Your Goal Inspiring Story where you will learn the story that if you want to achieve the goal first set your goal and see it. Once there was a master and a student who lived near a forest. The master called his student to see him while he was practicing shooting the […]

This Time Will Also Pass story of a ruby ring
Zen Story

This Time Will Also Pass

Once there was a king who was sitting on his throne. He said to his ministers that he doesn’t have time to read all the books in the palace so he needs a phrase that will work for his entire life. All the ministers searched the books and nobles but they couldn’t find any phrase […]

Never Lose Hope In Life palm hand
Zen Story

Never Lose Hope In Life

Here’s a Never Lose Hope In Life Inspiring Story that will make you understand that never lose hope because no one knows what lies ahead. Once there was a Gurukul in the deep forest. Many students come to learn vidya and leave the gurukul full of knowledge. One day the guruji was teaching the students. […]

How to Achieve Great Success boy walking to meet saint
Zen Story

How to Achieve Great Success

Here’s a How to Achieve Great Success Inspiring Story where you will get to know how a greater success requires Greater sacrifice. One day a boy heard that a saint came to his village and was famous for telling fortunes. So he was going to meet him and ask him about his fortune. On his […]

How To Avoid Anger story of an empty boat
Zen Story

How To Avoid Anger

Once there was a child in a gurukul. In the gurukul, there was a rule to meditate daily. After meditating, one has to tell his progress to the master. A new boy finds it very difficult to meditate. He was not able to focus while meditating so he becomes very angry. Then his master asks […]

Truth Of Life saint begging for food
Zen Story

Truth Of Life

Here’s a Truth Of Life Inspiring story where we know the real truth of life that is our faith and the honesty is the rain and wisdom is plough. Once there was a very rich farmer who invited all the people of his village for lunch. The guest arrived and all started to eat the […]

Problems In Life farm house
Zen Story

Problems In Life

Here’s a Problems In Life Inspiring Story which will tell us that there are problems in Life that we can’t do anything about it. Once there was a man who listened that a Zen came to his village. He decided to meet him and tell him about the problems so that Zen would give him […]

Karma Story monk meditation
Zen Story

Karma Story

Here’s a Karma Story where good deeds of the young monk result in the increase of the life expectancy. So do good deeds and live life happily. Once two monks lived deep inside the forest. One was the old monk and the other was a young monk. The old monk was a believer in Buddhist […]

God Has A Plan man in forest
Zen Story

God Has A Plan

Here’s God Has A Plan Story where the sage shows the lazy man the right way as he went on the wrong way. then he understood let’s see. Once there was a lazy man who lived in a village. He was so lazy that he want food without any hard work. One day when he […]

Monk Advice traveling
Zen Story

Monk Advice

Here’s a Monk Advice where the monk rested at the couple’s house and in return the monk advised the couple and what happen next let’s see. Once a monk decided to travel to his master who is very old. So he collected all his belongings and started his journey. On his way when the sunset […]