Zen Story

Story Of Disciple walking to the palace
Zen Story

Story Of Disciple

Here’s a Story Of Disciple who wants all rituals, gold, jewels and palace. but why he refused to take the throne let’s read the story. Once there was a disciple who was at the last stage to achieve enlightenment. He goes to his master and asked, “I am ready please tell me my last initiation.” […]

Donation Story of Zen who was kindness
Zen Story

Donation Story

Here’s a Donation Story where a Zen used to donate the money every month and when the receipt came let’s see what happens next. Once a boy completed his studies and he was searching for a job. After searching for many days he didn’t find any job and was at home disappointed as he was […]

Zen answer to the man story
Zen Story

Zen Answer to A Man Story

Here’s a Zen answer to a man story where we know the answer of why did you not punish the man instead leave him why? So let’s start the story. Once there was a zen passing by a street in a village. One man came to him with a stick and beat the zen. Due […]

wise old man story
Zen Story

Wise Holy Man Story

Here is a short story of a Wise Holy Man who lived in the mountains and everyone knows him. The young man will meet him but Let’s see what comes next. Long ago, news spread all over the country about a Holy Man who lived in a mountain house. So a young man from that […]

inspirational story on perspective
Zen Story

Inspirational Story on Perspective

This is an Inspirational story on Perspective, the Zen story which teaches an old crying lady to the smiling lady. Let’s start the story. Once upon a time there was an old woman who was always crying. Her oldest daughter was married to an umbrella salesman while the youngest daughter was the wife of a […]