Story on Honesty where the couple decorates the house

Story on Honesty

Here’s a Story on Honesty where a porter who was old and at his last breadth he thinks to deliver the stuff at his destination. Once there was a very rich couple. They have invited all their family and friends to their home to give them a big party. So they went to the market […]

Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed the girl

Cute Short Love Story

Here is a Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed a girl and what the girl asked “what am I to you?” the boy replied let’s see Once there was a boy and a girl who loved each other. One day boy proposed girl and she asked, “what am I to you?” The Boy […]

Short Story about Anger painting

Short Story about Anger

Here’s a Short Story about Anger is a heart breaking story where a husband without knowing did this to his wife in anger. let’s see There was a couple whose marriage got 8 years but they don’t have a baby. They hoped that before the 9th anniversary they will have a baby. Their family and […]

mother son stories of saving life of his son

Mother and Son Stories

Here’s a Mother and Son Stories which will show us the love of a mother who not left his son to the alligator and bravely saved him. Once there was a mother who lived with his son near a lake. In the hot day the boy decided to swim in the lake. The boy jumped […]