The Last Cab Ride Story of kindness and patience.

The Last Cab Ride Story

Here’s The Last Cab Ride Story where an old lady late night went at the places where she once worked and what the cab driver said let’s see.

Once there was a cab driver.

He went to take his passenger at night when the road was silent no one passes by.

The cab driver arrived at the given address.

There was a dark building only the light was on the ground floor above the door.

The cab driver was fearing but somehow he managed to go near the door and knocked.

Behind the door a voice came saying “Wait a minute”

Then suddenly the door opened and an old lady of 80years of age came out with his suitcase.

When the cab driver looked into her house it contains only furniture which was covered with plastic.

Some distance away there was a flower vase that was looking old.

Then the old lady asked the cab driver to help her to put the suitcase into the cab.

The cab driver took the suitcase and put it in his cab.

Then he went and give her the hand so that the old lady would come to the cab.

When she sat in the cab the cab driver looked at the straight road which was dark and sat in his seat.

Then he asked where do you want to go?

The lady replied let’s go I will give you the direction.

Then they were out at that place and the lady directs him to go to places where she worked a long time ago.

First, she showed the cab driver the place where she worked as a lift operator.

Then she showed the bar where she danced once.

At some distance then she showed the building where she worked as a peon for years.

As soon as the sun start to rise she said the cab driver to return home.

The cab driver returned to his home and took out the suitcase and the old lady came out of the cab.

When she asked, “How much money?”

The driver told the lady, “Nothing”

The lady asked, “Then how will you earn your living?”

The cab driver replied, “I will earn by other passengers”

The old lady gave the cab driver blessings and said, “You made my day kind man

Then the cab driver left and that day the cab driver didn’t take any passenger.


Kindness is having the ability to speak with love, listen with patience and act with compassion.


We see in life how people don’t care unlike the cab driver when he dropped her and on his way back he was thinking if some other cab driver would be there then he must push two horns and if no one came out of the house then the cab driver drove away.

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