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Greedy Dog Story where dog got a big juicy bone

Greedy Dog Story

Here’s a Greedy Dog Story where a dog with his greediness lost the food which was his and that day he slept with empty stomach. Once upon a time, there lived a greedy dog. He used to go here and there for food and water. He lived in a small doghouse and whenever he feels […]

Don't Give Up Story where a rope and well is there

Don’t Give Up Story

Here’s a Don’t Give Up Story where a boy was returning with giving up but when he saw well that a mark of rope was there on the strong stone. In ancient times people used to send their kids to gurukul to study. So one boy named Viru send to gurukul for study but he […]

Story on Time is Precious father story
Father and Son Stories

Story on Time is Precious

Here’s a Story on Time is Precious where a Father work hard for his family and didn’t give time to his family. let’s see what happens next. Once there was a father who has his wife and his three sons. He hardly earn his living by selling pieces of bread. He worked hard all day […]

Kite Story of father and son
Father and Son Stories

Kite Story

Here’s a Kite Story where Father teaches son lesson of life which he will never forget. let’s see what is a life lesson with kite and thread. One day a father with his son went to the kite festival. Son was very excited to see the sky full of kites. He insists his father to […]

The Broken Pot Story one of the pots was broken

The Broken Pot Story

Here’s The Broken Pot Story where the pot bearer doesn’t know why pot got half emptied reaching his destination. let’s see why? Once there was a water bearer who used to carry water into pots. There were two pots at both sides of the stick. The stick used to be at the shoulder of the […]

Moral of Thirsty Crow story where crow is picking pebbles

Moral of Thirsty Crow

Here’s a Moral of Thirsty Crow Story where the story proves that where there is a will there is a way. Let’s see how? Once there was a crow who was very thirsty. Flying for days he hardly gets to see any water. One day when he was searching for water, he saw a pot […]