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The Story of The Rich Man with no peace of mind
Zen Story

The Story of The Rich Man

Here’s The Story of The Rich Man where he wants peace of mind so he start living with the sage and he learned the lesson of his life. Once lived a rich man who has wealth, land, and factories but there was no peace of mind. One day he comes to know that a sage […]

Happiest Moment in My Life an interview
Life Story

Happiest Moment in My Life

Once there was a billionaire who was called for an interview. The interviewer asked the man which is the happiest moment in your life. The man replied, “There are four stages of happiness in my life according to me.” The interviewer wanted to know more so she questioned what are they? The man said first […]

Wise Thinking green color on wall
Zen Story

Wise Thinking

Here’s a Wise Thinking Story of a Monk where the monk suggested the wise man to see only green color but what he did let’s see. Once there was a wealthy man who was suffering from pain in his eyes. He visited the best doctor to cure his pain but none can cure it. The […]

Story Of Buddha the muddy water

Story Of Buddha

Here’s a Story Of Buddha where one of his disciples get knowledge of how to handle the mind when it is not settles. let’s see what happens. Once upon a time lord buddha was crossing a village with his disciples. The day was very hot so lord buddha decided to take a rest. With all […]

Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral carrying salt

Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral

Here’s a Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral where the donkey was so lazy so the merchant decided to teach him a lesson. A long time ago there lived a merchant in a village. He used to sell salt to other villages and earn his living. He has a donkey for this purpose. The donkey […]

Act of Kindness Story of bananas
Life Story

Act of Kindness Story

Here’s a Act of Kindness Story the man helped the lady who was alone selling bananas taught a lesson never bargain with vendors near roadside. Once a businessman was returning from his office. He forgot to buy the bananas that his wife told him to bring. He suddenly saw a lady selling bananas at the […]

Loving Couple Story of blind husband

Loving Couple Story

Here’s a Loving Couple Story where the beautiful girl who was loved by her husband has not become ugly. what happens next let’s see. Once there was a very nice couple who was living a happy life. The man admired her wife’s beauty and loved her very much. One day the wife came to know […]

Keep Your Dreams Alive of a ranch
Life Story

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Here’s Keep Your Dreams Alive Story where the boy who forced to leave his dream but what he did let’s see and how he surprised teacher. Once there’s a boy named Monty Roberts. His father was a horse trainer. He went from stable to stable, track to track, farm to farm, and ranch to ranch. […]

Sage and King Story where the sage was meditating

Sage and King Story

Here’s a Sage and King Story where the sage helped the king and in return didn’t take anything but in future took help from God. Once there was a king who got badly hurt in the battle. The doctor refused to treat him because the wound was so deep that they couldn’t help the king. […]

Secret of Happiness Story palace at the top of mountain

Secret of Happiness Story

Here’s a Secret of Happiness Story where the young boy wants to find the real happiness of life from the wisest man on Earth. Once there was a boy who wanted to know the secret of happiness from the wisest man on earth. He traveled many places from deserts to hills And he came to […]