Sage Story of neem plant

Sage Story

Here’s a Sage Story where a Prince who disrespect others now he promised the sage to respect everyone and will listen to his elders.

Once there was a king who was wisely and fairly ruling a kingdom.

Every person was happy in his role and everybody loved him.

However, the king was not happy because his only worry was his son.

His son grew with love and care so he started misbehaving with others.

Prince who was growing up and also increasing his ill-mannered with the others.

He doesn’t have the quality as a prince has.

As the days were passing his mischief was growing.

One day he disrespected his teacher.

The king was worried as the days were passing he doesn’t see any sign of improvement.

One day the king knew that one old sage came to his kingdom.

So the king took the prince with him to the sage.

The sage told the king to leave the prince for some days.

As the king left, the sage told the prince you want to get relief from the scolding of your father and become wise do what I say.

Prince got happy and said to the sage, “Tell me what is it”

The sage told the prince, “you are seeing that neem plant, if you pluck the leaves and eat them then you will become wise.”

Prince obeyed the sage sayings.

He pluck the leaves and as soon as he ate some leaves he started vomiting.

Then he said to the sage, “How can you make me eat those leaves which are bitter leaves, these leaves cannot make me wise.”

After saying this he uprooted the neem plant and threw it into the river.

The sage smiled and said, “the leaves were bitter so you uprooted the plant and threw it think of the bitter which is inside you.”

Think that your father is so wise and humble and you disrespect everyone.

After your father, you have to become king and when you become king and take the decision like this then your enemy will destroy you like the neem plant and throw you away.

Prince touched the feet of the sage and promised not to disrespect anyone and always listen to my elders.

Prince told, now I want to become a wise man like my father.


Choose to be better instead of bitter.


We see in life how people get angry about small things and lose consciousness then they make wrong decisions.

So the life is small, never disrespect anyone and spread love.

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